The upside is that the gang member took the self-inflicted taxpayer relief shot.


A Greenville police officer is dead after he was shot in the line of duty Friday.

Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller said Officer Allen Jacobs died after he was fatally shot by a teenager who took his own life.

Miller said Jacobs was serving a search warrant on a “self-proclaimed” gang member in the Nicholtown community around 12:20 p.m. Friday.

The suspect, identified as 17-year-old Deontea Perry Mackey, fled behind a house on Rebecca Street towards the Swamp Rabbit Trail before opening fire and shooting Jacobs multiple times, Miller said.

Jacobs, 28, was the married father of two young boys. He and his wife were expecting a daughter in July.

Other officers at the scene attempted to resuscitate Jacobs after he was shot. Jacobs was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Miller said the department employs 243 people.

“Everybody knows one another and they have personal and professional relationships,” he said.

Miller described Jacobs as an “Extraordinary person and officer… He was dedicated as anybody could be dedicated. That’s why he was out doing what he was doing today.”

Miler said Jacobs wasn’t simply serving a warrant.

“We were specifically focusing on an issue of violence and gang activity and he took that challenge head on,” Miller said.

Mackey took his own life – calling his mother before he committed suicide – Miller said.

Mackey was in an “established gang” within the community, according to Miller. Mackey, he said, had been convicted as an adult of a strong armed robbery last July.[…]

A family friend of Mackey told a FOX Carolina photographer that she was in disbelief.

She didn’t want to us to use her name, but she did go on camera. She said that he was like a nephew to her, and she is a close friend of the family.

She described Mackey as a “sweet son.”

“He was young, full of life, a good kid,” she said.

“I’m praying for him and also the officer that lost their life… It’s crazy, so crazy that this happened, but you just have to trust in God and believe that he will work it out for you,” she continued.

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