I bet they all look alike to you, Bernie, right?

Via Free Beacon:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) had a briefly awkward moment when he assumed an MSNBC town hall questioner Monday night was a Muslim, when in fact the young man was Hindu. […]


“My question to you is, if president, what is going to be your approach in uniting the country, and in particular how do you address those people who relish in Trump’s divisive rhetoric?”

Sanders solemnly thanked him for the “important question,” saying it was sad he had to ask it. […]

Then things got a bit awkward.

“I’m Jewish. You’re Muslim,” Sanders said, pointing at the questioner, who shook his head.

“We have–you’re,” Sanders started.

“Hindu,” the man said.

“You’re Hindu. There you go, all right,” Sanders said, recovering. “But that’s what America is, and we’ve got Muslims here, and we’ve got Latinos here. What an extraordinary opportunity. We’ve got African Americans. All coming from different cultures, helping to create this great country and learning from each other.”

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