Same clown who led a pogrom of Jews in Crown Heights.


The Rev. Al Sharpton condemned Donald Trump Saturday, calling the real estate mogul’s recent rhetoric irresponsible.

“This is the most reckless, violent, despicable election season that any of us have seen in our life time,” Sharpton said at his weekly National Action Network rally in Harlem. “We are in the midst of a national crisis.”

Sharpton’s comments came a day after a wild and violent week of Trump campaign stops.

On Friday, protesters forced a Chicago rally for the candidate to be canceled and a demonstrator was left bloodied in St. Louis.

Trump has been defiant when faced with criticism for encouraging the violence that has become commonplace at his rallies.

Appearing blind to the rage around him, Trump told Fox News Friday he felt no responsibility for the violence.

“I don’t use hate speech,” Trump said. “There’s tremendous division in our country. I’ve seen it, I’m watching it, I’ve been witness to it, and something has to be done.”

Sharpton blasted the Republican front-runner’s tone-deaf response.

“If I had said any of the things Trump has been saying, they would have ran me out of the race,” Sharpton said. “He says things for which he does not have to take responsibility.”