Jack montague

No evidenced needed, he is a White heterosexual male.

Via Return of Kings:

Recently, the media has been reporting that Yale basketball player Jack Montague has been accused of rape by various student organizations on campus. They have also reported that these students have accused the university administration and campus newspaper of “protecting a rapist.”

However, the story is far from clear. There is no arrest record or court hearing involving Montague on file in Connecticut. No victim, anonymous or otherwise appears to exist, Montague has made no statement, and the university has not commented on why he left. On March 9, it was reported by the New York Times, “Jack Montague, 22, was in connection with a sexual misconduct accusation, according to two people with direct knowledge of the case who spoke on condition of anonymity.” In short, a student abruptly withdrew and immediately students on campus brand him a rapist based on an anonymous source followed by hundreds of students spreading rumors.

Speculation, rumor, and innuendo. That is all it takes to ruin a student’s reputation. I asked a friend at the campus newspaper if he’d heard what has happened and he said there is no information, statement, or victim. There is such a lack of acceptable villains to hate that college students are now inventing them to stir up outrage. Voltaire once said, “If God didn’t exist it would have been necessary to invent him.” For modern leftism, it seems if rapists don’t exist it is necessary to invent them.

When I first learned of Montague’s withdrawal I asked a classmate if she had heard why he left. She responded, “Apparently he assaulted someone, and the university expelled him.” I asked who he assaulted, and she replied she did not know. Curious, I asked a few other people, and the answers roughly matched what my classmate had said: he raped someone, he was expelled, no one knows who he raped. No one bothered to look into it any further than that. Someone said the guy is a rapist, and that is all the proof these students need.

The average student on campus is complete unaware of whether or not the student was accused of any wrongdoing and simply assume that because lefty student organizations are making announcements, they must be right.

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