Trump Thumb

The rebirth of OWS.

Via Cincinnati Com:

Donald Trump is no longer planning a rally in Downtown on Sunday afternoon.

The Secret Service security supporting the GOP presidential front runner’s campaign could not complete its preparation work in time to hold the event at the Duke Energy Convention Center, said Eric Deters, a local spokesman for Trump’s campaign.

“Trump wants to come here, and the campaign is still looking to find a location for either Sunday or Monday,” Deters said.

Another rally scheduled for Friday in Chicago was postponed because of safety concerns. Supporters and protestors clashed at a campus arena where the rally was supposed to take place.

Hours before the Chicago event was scheduled to start, hundreds of people lined up outside the arena at the University of Illinois at Chicago – a civil and immigrant rights organizing hub with large minority student populations. Trump backers were separated from an equally large crowd of anti-Trump protesters by a heavy police presence and barricades.

Trump’s next stop is Dayton on Saturday morning. For now, it will be his only Southwest Ohio appearance ahead of next week’s primary. The event is scheduled to be held at Dayton International Airport.

There appears to still be openings in Trump’s schedule on Sunday and Monday. Trump is scheduled for Sunday events in Bloomington, Illinois, at 10 a.m. and Boca Raton, Florida at 6 p.m., according to his campaign website.

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