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Via Daily Mail:

Nearly 1,000 people, including a veritable who’s-who of American political life, journalism and Hollywood gathered on Friday in Simi Valley, California, for the funeral of Nancy Reagan.

The dignified and powerful service saw readings and remembrances by Reagan’s niece and nephew, as well as former Former White House Chief of Staff James A Baker and journalists Diane Sawyer and Tom Brokaw.

The guests also witnessed Patti Davis describe her turbulent relationship with her mother and their undying love in devastating fashion.

Davis described her parents as ‘two halves of a circle’, recalling a long-ago memory of seeing the two of them sitting on a Southern California beach at sunset in what she called an impenetrable ‘island for two’.

Reagan’s son, Ronald Prescott Reagan, also spoke at the funeral, telling guests there likely would not have been a President Ronald Reagan without Nancy Reagan, saying she had an absolute belief in him, as well as provided guidance and a refuge.

Friday’s service brought together Democrat and Republican, an unusual tableau at a time of deep division in Washington and the 2016 campaign trail. The biggest stars in entertainment – not only of today, but those of Reagan’s time in the White House – are also in attendance.

President Barack Obama did not attend the the services, as he had a prior engagement in Austin, Texas, where he is a keynote speaker at South By Southwest.

The funeral started at 11am on Friday, with a musical prelude beginning at 10.15am by the Santa Susana High School Advanced Women’s Choir and Abbe Road A Cappella, and an instrumental prelude by the 1st Marine Division Band, Marine Corps Camp Pendleton.

A love letter from Ronald Reagan to Nancy was also read at the service by former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney as a reminder that their romance was one of the more enduring romances in modern American public life.

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