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There are 150 delegates up today in Mississippi, Michigan, Hawaii and Idaho. Trump is leading in most of the polls in Michigan and Mississippi. The polls for him tend to be higher than the voting tubers actually turn out to be, although he is up double digits in both places.There’s no real polling out of Idaho and Hawaii. There is one, likely outlier poll, that has Kasich up in Michigan. All the contests today are proportional.

Candidates have to reach at least 15% in Michigan and Mississippi, and 20% in Idaho to get any delegates. Idaho and Michigan also have winner take all at 50%, but that is not likely to happen, at least not in Michigan.


Results on the night:

Trump took Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii, Cruz won Idaho:
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With the exception of Hawaii, Cruz wins or comes close in the closed contests. When it’s open, Trump does better.

Adding the Hawaii total in, the delegate count is now Trump 459, Cruz 358, Rubio 154, Kasich 54.

Hillary takes Mississippi, Bernie surprises in Michigan:
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Michigan called for Trump, too close to call on the Democratic side.


Mississippi called for Trump.
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First numbers out of Michigan, Trump leading, Kasich very tight for second:
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Feel the Bern is leading in Michigan:
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Polls just closed, no numbers are in and Fox just called Mississippi for Hillary.


Late-deciders in the Michigan Republican primary largely are breaking for Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, according to early Fox News exit polls.

The contest is the biggest prize on the map Tuesday, as voters in four states cast ballots in the Republican and Democratic primaries.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has led most Michigan polls going into Tuesday, but exit polls show 35 percent of late-deciders backing Kasich, and 31 percent backing Cruz.

Trump gets 23 percent of that group, while Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is pulling just 10 percent.

Trump, though, was leading among independents in the state. And exit polls show more than half of Michigan Republican voters agree with Trump’s charge that trade policies are taking jobs away from the U.S.

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