Via Independent Sentinel:

Newt Gingrich has tweeted that Donald Trump did the right thing skipping the CPAC convention because the votes are not in DC. Trump’s decision to hold rallies instead has some CPAC leaders up in arms but it shouldn’t.

When Newt was on The O’Reilly Factor four days ago, he said the reason the party establishment won’t accept Donald Trump is – at least in part – because he is not a member of the club, he hasn’t been through the initiation, and he’s uncontrollable.

That of course is why his followers love him.

When this writer was working closely with one congressional candidate years ago, he told me that when he went down for his training, almost every session was on how to get re-elected.

It should also be mentioned in the way of a caveat that Trump is seen as liberal on many issues himself by some in the establishment, such as on issues of foreign policy.

Newt described Trump as a phenomenon to be studied for years to come. No matter what outlandish things he says, his followers remain loyal.

There are many reasons for that and some of them are because of what the establishment has done for seven years. They woke up the sleeping giant.

In January, Gingrich read his wildly popular and interesting book, The Art of the Deal, written when Trump was 41, and he suggested all GOP leaders read it.

They don’t even read the bills.

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