They’ll lecture us in stereo.

Via AP:

Justin Trudeau, the new, young prime minister of Canada with movie-star looks, is bringing his star power to the White House.

The tall, dark-haired, 44-year-old scion of one of Canada’s most famous politicians was sworn into office in November. Within weeks, President Barack Obama granted Trudeau one of the highest honors the U.S. reserves for close allies: a pomp-filled visit with plenty of time in private talks and in front of cameras with Obama, who remains popular in Canada.

Trudeau, accompanied by his wife, Sophie Gregoire, will be feted Thursday at a sparkly state dinner, the first of Obama’s final year in office and the first for Canada since April 1997.

“Obama was delighted that Trudeau got elected,” said Nelson Wiseman, a University of Toronto political science professor, offering perspective on Trudeau’s speedy invitation. “They’re both liberals. They both like to talk the same kind of language.”

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