The insanity continues.

Via The Telegraph:

Harvard Law School has decided to drop its crest because of links to an 18th Century slave owner in the latest race row to engulf a leading university.

The Massachusetts law school, which is part of one of the world’s leading educational bodies and includes President Barack Obama among its alumni, formed a committee to investigate the crest following protests and sit-ins by students.

Students campaigned for five months for the removal of the crest and established a group called Royall Must Fall, whose name is based on the Rhodes Must Fall group that campaigned for the removal of a Cecil Rhodes statue at Oriel College, Oxford.

The decision was announced on Friday that the crest should be replaced because it includes the seal of plantation owner Isaac Royall – a notoriously brutal 18th Century slaver.

The crest, which states “Veritas” and shows three sheaths of wheat, was modelled on the Royall family crest and was adopted as the symbol of the law school in the 1930s.

It is widely used on buildings, merchandise and stationery at the law school.

“We believe that if the law school is to have an official symbol, it must more closely represent the values of the law school, which the current shield does not,” the committee said in its report to the Harvard Corporation.

The Royall Must Fall group said in a statement: “This does not represent the final destination, but only an advance in the struggle for racial justice against white supremacy at Harvard Law.

“’Royall Must Fall’ will continue to fight … to ensure that this school becomes the justice school it holds itself out to be.”

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