Bundy Rebellion

One way or another Feds are going to build solar panels on the land, the Feds can’t have the cattle disrupting the fragile eco-system and disturbing the desert tortoise.

Via Washington Examiner:

Nineteen people have been indicted in connection with a 2014 militia-like standoff on federal land near cattleman Cliven Bundy’s southern Nevada ranch.

On Thursday, federal officials picked up 12 co-conspirators in five states on charges of conspiracy, assault and threats for grazing cattle on public land. A number of the individuals who were picked up Thursday were also involved in the Oregon wildlife refuge occupy movement that concluded three weeks ago.

The move comes after a federal grand jury in Las Vegas broadened the number of individuals it would go after in the 2014 case. Bundy and his sons Ammon and Ryan were involved in leading a 200-person armed confrontation to graze cattle on federal land, which the Bureau of Land Management was unable to turn around at the time.

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