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Here’s a livestream for the debate tonight.

This should be a lively debate to say the least after Super Tuesday and the in fighting.

Closing statements:
Kasich: I’ve done it in Ohio. I will take the formulas I used there in Washington.
Rubio: I we do what needs to be done, and the 21st century can be the greatest one for America.
Cruz: I want to talk to every one fighting for us. On jan 2017 those ROE that tie your hands will end. On 2017 all the first responders who have been let down, I will have your back.
Trump: I will bring back economy.

Chris: Trump, will you do the same. Will you support the Republican nominee, even if it’s not you.
Trump: ‘if it’s not me?’. Millions of people are coming to the Republican party. I’m going to give them credit [pointing to Rubio and Cruz] even if they don’t deserve it.

Bret: You all signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee. Will you support the Republican nominee even if it’s Trump?
Rubio: I will support the republican nominee, even if it is Trump.
Cruz: yes, because I gave my word. The people that know me best in Texas believe that I will keep my word.
Kasich: yes, I would. But I think I will be the nominee. Sometimes he makes it hard, but I will.

Chris: North Korea putting nuclear weapons on alert.
Cruz: This is all the fault of the Clinton admin for allowing them to get nuclear weapons. [good point to make against Hillary]. We need to focus on space based defense.

Rubio: Trump was asked to answer policy question and again he just makes personal attacks. He praises Putin…
Trump: Wrong Wrong.
Rubio: He never gives a policy answer.
Trump: wouldn’t it be nice to get along with others.
Rubio: he still doesn’t give a policy answer.

Bret: Trump, you once supported assault weapons ban.
Trump: I’m a big supporter of the 2d A.
Cruz: Bill Clinton banned some of the most popular guns in America. WE need to appoint principled constitutionalists.
Trump: Roberts let us down and Cruz was strongest supporter of Roberts
Cruz: You cannot care about conservative justices and supporter Harry Reid, and write 4 checks to Hillary for President. Breathe Donald breathe.
Rubio: Here we are doing yoga, Donald is flexible.

Bret: gay marriage
Cruz: I would leave it to the states. Judges in wrong decision decided to tear down those states decisions. WE cannot compromise on core principles. I will never compromise away your religious liberty.
Trump: I would have left it to the states.

Chris: Cruz, what would you do to bring manufacturing jobs back to America and bring jobs back to cities like Detroit.
Cruz: it’s a great historic city that has been decimated by left liberal policies. Automobile industry, foundation of support for WWII.
Chris: what would you do?
Cruz: I would lift regulations that are killing small businesses. and get rid of the taxes that are harming small businesses. Right now federal government isn’t giving us a level playing field.

Bret: where is GOP on Flint?
Rubio: we have talked about it. It isn’t a partisan issue. There is a proper way to respond at the federal level to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Megyn: Trump University, Court of Appeals criticized you. 1/3 demanded refunds. No, it wasn’t A rating, it was a D.
Rubio: he’s trying to do to the American voter what he did to this people who signed up for those courses.
Trump: the real con artist is Rubio, he doesn’t go to vote, he couldn’t get elected dog catcher. He defrauded the people of Florida.
Rubio: See it’s always the same, we call him out and he starts the political attacks.
Cruz: is this the debate you want playing out on television?
Trump: it’s a minor civil case.
Cruz: stop interrupting Donald. The CNN poll shows Donald loses to Hillary Clinton by 8 points. And same poll shows me beating Hillary Clinton [that’s actually true].
Trump: No it’s not.
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Megyn: Trump, you say one thing and then have to backtrack and say something else.
Trump: I was always against Iraq. I corrected myself about Afghanistan. When I first heard about Syrian migration I thought it was just a few people.
Megyn: you change your tune on so many things it leave people wondering if you have any core?
Trump: I have a lot of core, but you have to be flexible.

Bret: what would you do if US Military refused to carry out your orders for being illegal?
Trump: they wouldn’t refuse me. I would waterboard and go stronger. When a family member flies into the WTC and the family member goes back to that country two days before, they knew what was going on.
Cruz: if Radical islam wages jihad against us, they are signing their death warrants.
Bret: you made statements in favor of Ed Snowden.
Cruz: I was concerned about the NSA surveillance on American people, but he had to be investigated and prosecuted if he violated the law.
Kasich: I knew Ronald Reagan [but you’re no Ronald Reagan]

Megyn: H1B Visa abuse has been around a while before you switched your position.
Cruz: I have proposed plan to stop H1b abuse, and it’s not different from the hotel where Donald brought in workers, and he said you couldn’t find people who would work as waiters and waitresses. 300 applied and Donald hired only 17 [that’s true, and others were foreign workers.] His record is one of hiring illegal aliens.
Trump: 98% of people I’ve hired are American workers, but in Mar A Lago it’s a short season so we hire foreign workers.
Rubio: He’s hiring under H2B [unskilled workers] and then they’re here captive because they can’t leave. [that’s true, 300 Americans applied and they were denied in favor of foreign workers]
Cruz: You could resolve this by releasing the tape.
Trump: I’ve given my answer, lying Ted.

Megyn: are you just playing to people’s fantasies?
Trump: no I’m not.

Megyn: How flexible are you on this issue?
Trump: not very. The wall is going to get built. and Mexico is going to pay for it. There’s always give and take and the best negotiator is going to make the best deal.
Rubio: If Trump allowed it, he could have the NY Times release what he said. He isn’t doing that. We Will see what the American people are willing to support after we secure the border [he keeps saying that but that’s not an answer]
Trump: what he said is ok [no it isn’t]. You have to have some give and take. [no, actually you don’t, all you have to do is enforce the law]

Megyn: Cruz, you have said that you stood shoulder to shoulder with Jeff Sessions against illegal immigration. But Sessions has endorsed Trump.
Cruz: But Trump has written checks to Harry Reid, Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton, including to her Presidential campaign in 2008.
Trump: It was for business.
Cruz: Wrote her four checks in 2008.

Chris: Cruz, you want to abolish IRS, so who would collect taxes and insure that it’s being paid.
Cruz: once we get rid of all the subsidies it will become simple. We need to abolish it all together, there will still be a few to take care of the postcards. I’ve laid out very specifically what I would do. For 40 years Donald has been part of the corruption that you’re angry about.
Trump: I have been supporting people for many years because I wasn’t a politician.

Chris: Trump, your numbers don’t add up for federal spending, would put us in deficit.

Chris: Rubio, you have called Trump a con artist. He has created a big company that employed thousands. How many of jobs have you created?
Rubio: He inherited 100 million dollars [not exactly true. He and siblings inherited the company of which he only got a part.] He should start by not making his clothes in Mexico and China.
Trump: China devalues their currencies
Rubio: He’s not going to do it. He launches personal attacks because he doesn’t have answers and any policies. Have you ever heard of Trump steaks?
Trump: don’t worry about it, little Marco. You don’t show up to vote that’s why the people in Florida don’t like you.

Megyn: Hasn’t your brand of conservatism been rejected by those taken by Mr. Trump’s populism?
Cruz: I don’t think the people are interested in slogans or bickering. The truth is do you understand the principles that make America great? We’re going to abolish Obamacare, abolish the IRS, etc That’s why our’s is the only campaign that has beaten him.
Trump: He keeps saying that he’s the only one who can beat me, but I’ve been beating him badly.
Rubio: The numbers also show many people don’t want you to be the nominee. America is great because of the conservative principles. Our nominee has to be someone who stands by those things.
Trump: I beat Hillary Clinton in many polls, the others don’t [actually not what the polls show, he does not win the Q Poll as he said]
Kasich: I beat Hillary more than anyone.
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More head to heads here.

Bret: Sen Rubio, you said I don’t do personal attacks, but in the past week you’ve made fun of Mr. Trump’s hands, suggested he wet himself.
Rubio: For the past year, Trump has mocked everyone else, including disabled people. So if anyone deserves it back it’s Trump. I’d much prefer to have to have policy debate. But let’s be honest media has given his attacks a lot of coverage.
Trump: I’d like to take back calling him a lightweight. He hit at my hands as though if they were small something else must be small. I guarantee there is no problem there.

Chris Wallace: Romney had some things to say to you Mr. Trump, bullying, greed, showing off, misogyny, theatrics.
Trump: He failed miserably. I don’t take that. He wants to be relevant. He said free trade. But if you look at China and Mexico we are getting destroyed. So not when we are being destroyed so badly.
Chris: Romney also talked about your position on race. What is your views on KKK and Duke?
Trump: I totally disavow, I’ve been doing it for two weeks now.