Alt title: Hillary breaking barriers by being nominee while simultaneously living in federal prison.

Via The Hill:

On Saturday night in South Carolina, after she had defeated Bernie Sanders by a margin of more than 47 points, winning in every county, white and black, Hillary Clinton gave a speech that she stated upfront was addressed to the nation. On Tuesday night, she won seven out of the 11 voting Super Tuesday states, most by double-digit margins, gaining at least 486 more delegates.

The most important reason for her political successes: Clinton’s simple message — true to herself and her many years in public service — has resonated with the population of voters that represents the diversity of our country.

She articulated the message clearly and concisely both on Saturday night in Columbia, S.C., and Tuesday night in Miami: “In America, when we stand together, there is no barrier too big to break … because together we can break down all the barriers holding our families and our country back.”

In an unmistakable reference to the divisive vitriol negativity about our country by GOP front-runner Donald Trump, she said: “Despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again. America has never stopped being great. But we do need to make America whole again. Instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. We need to show, by everything we do, that we really are in this together.”

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