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You can see although there are proportional states coming up, there are also many winner take all states, which helps Trump and will cut delegate counts for any of the others. A light for the Cruz folks, he’s done better in the closed states, winning 3 out of 4, and most of the remaining states are closed. Rubio did poorly but has states more favorable to him and less favorable to Cruz coming up. But Trump comes out of Super Tuesday with a lead over them both and is likely favored to take the bigger states of California and New York, with Rubio and Kasich questing for Florida and Ohio respectively, Trump is still beating Rubio in the polls in Florida.

There are however delegates still pending, who voted for candidates who didn’t meet the thresholds. For example, 78 in Texas, most of which will likely go to Cruz.


Here’s the current count, with some still pending.
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There are still 40 delegates pending from the count. Here are the outstanding numbers:

AR 1
GA 4
MI 1
OK 6
TN 4
TX 20
VT 4

The twenty from Texas still outstanding will likely go to Cruz.