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We’ll be keeping you updated on Super Tuesday results as they come in here. We’ll update the above pic as the info comes in . Expect all states to be called for Hillary within seconds of polls closing, except Vermont.

Here’s a link to the results. In some of the states you have to get at least 20% to get any delegates at all.
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Late night surprise: Cruz takes Alaska. That leaves the delegate counts with Trump 285, Cruz 161, Rubio 87, Kasich 25 and Carson 8.

Here’s the estimated delegate count at this point by the NY Times:
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Rubio may end up winning Minnesota, he’s ahead by 10 points at this point.

Ted Cruz: January 20, 2017 will be Barack Obama’s final day in office. Our campaign is the only one that can beat, has beaten and will beat Donald Trump. I congratulate Donald Trump on his victories tonight. 15 states have voted and every one has been won by me or Donald Trump. For the candidates who have not won, I ask for you to come together and uniting. Head to head we beat Donald, so we must come together.

Ben Carson not dropping out. Fox still talking about maybe, maybe Rubio can get some delegates.

Trump: I don’t know if Hillary is going to be allowed to run, what she did was a criminal act. I am a unifier, when we unify there is no one who is going to beat us.
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Rubio leading in Minnesota at the moment with 4.8% reporting.
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Trump seems to be taking a conciliatory attitude toward Ted Cruz, not so Rubio.

Trump sounding presidential, saying will win in November, that many polls say he would win. However, most polls actually show he would lose to Hillary, except for one poll, the USA Today poll.

Trump congratulates Cruz on winning Texas, and says Rubio did badly.

Trump press conference about to start. Word is it’s endorsement of Gov. Rick Scott of Florida. That might have some effect in the race there on the 15th.
Guess not:
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Rubio is not making a lot of the threshold cuts to get delegates which means he is going to take a comparative hit to Trump and Cruz. Trump is being predicted to pick up around 295, Cruz may end picking up around 140, this depending on the final shake out.

Oklahoma just got called for Cruz, 34 to 30. Bernie also won Oklahoma.
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Lol, Megyn Kelly: Cruz may have data going for him, “but media focuses more on Rubio”.

Fox just called Texas for Cruz. Texas has the most delegates 155, which will be distributed proportionally depending on the final vote count.

Cruz just overtook Trump in Oklahoma:
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Oklahoma is neck and neck:
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Fox just called Virginia for Trump. Delegates 15 for Trump, 15 for Rubio, 5 for Cruz at the moment.

Texas, Cruz is leading 38 to Trump 28. Arkansas Cruz and Trump are battling and too early to call.

Trump currently ahead in Oklahoma but tighter with Cruz than elsewhere:
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If you’re looking at delegate counts, this is the threshold in each state that a candidate has to reach to get any delegates:

Alabama Primary (50 total delegates/47 bound) — Proportional with 20% threshold
Alaska Caucuses (28/25) — Proportional with 13% threshold
Arkansas Primary (40/37) ­— Proportional with 15% threshold
Georgia Primary (76) — Proportional with 20% threshold
Massachusetts Primary (42/39) — Proportional with 5% threshold
Minnesota Caucuses (38/35) — Proportional with 10% threshold
North Dakota Caucuses (28/0) — The state does not have a presidential preference poll and all delegates are officially unbound. Caucuses can be flexibly scheduled
Oklahoma Primary (43/40) — Proportional with 15% threshold
Tennessee Primary (58/55) — Proportional with 20% threshold
Texas Primary (155/152) — Proportional with 20% threshold
Vermont Primary (16/13) — Proportional with 20% threshold
Virginia Primary (49/46) — Proportional
Wyoming Caucuses (29/0) — The state does not have a presidential preference poll and all delegates are officially unbound

Most of the percentages are still with not a lot counted yet so they are likely to change a bit.

Fox calls Alabama, Massachusetts, and Tennessee for Trump. Virginia and Vermont still being fought, Cruz taking early lead in Oklahoma.

The results in some states are likely to change and some only have 1% in at this point. While they were just saying Kasich was doing well in Vermont, now Rubio is leading 30, Trump 27, Kasich 26

While Fox is predicting Trump win in most states, Fox also had this exit poll which suggested disatisfication with him, if he were the nominee.
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Fox just called Georgia for Trump, Cruz is currently second.

Virginia too close to call with Trump and Rubio battling for first and the most unexpected so far, John Kasich reportedly competing for first place in Vermont with Trump.

Bernie of course won Vermont, but loses Virginia and Georgia.