Only the special snowflakes have First Amendment rights.

Via The Desert Sun:

School officials have asked students wearing anti-gay symbols at Shadow Hills High School in Indio to remove the badges “for now” pending further investigation, according to a statement from Desert Sands Unified School District.

In a letter sent to Shadow Hills staff Monday morning, district Superintendent Gary Rutherford said “recently some information has been brought forward that requires additional investigation and follow-up to determine a proper course of action. Pending further investigation, we are going to ask students who are displaying the symbol showing a rainbow pattern with a circle and a line, at least for now, to remove symbols while at school.”

Officials would not comment on what additional information prompted the investigation. A call to Shadow Hills Principal Marcus Wood was not immediately returned.

Site and district administration had previously said that they could not ask the students to remove the anti-gay symbols in the interest of protecting freedom of speech rights.

The symbols began appearing on campus several weeks ago when a handful of students started wearing the anti-gay badges on their school ID cards. One of the symbols was placed on the window of the Gay Straight Alliance coordinator’s classroom, and a student changed his Google Classroom profile picture to an image of the symbol, according to AP U.S. History teacher Amy Oberman.

Teachers and students at Shadow Hills were upset with the district’s rationale last week, saying that LGBTQ students on campus felt targeted by the students.

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