Via LifeSiteNews:

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant called out Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons today over his refusal to recognize as “genocide” the sweeping targeting of Christians by ISIS in the Middle East.

Noting how the European Parliament passed a unanimous resolution earlier this month recognizing the Islamic State’s attacks on Christians as “genocide,” Gallant stated: “In Canada, the Liberal Prime Minister refuses to join the rest of the civilized world in recognizing the ISIS campaign against Christians and other religious minorities as genocide.”

“The silence is deafening. Why does the Prime Minister not think Christians and other religious minorities are the right kind of refugees?” she added.

Designating attacks against Christians in the Middle East as “genocide” could have significant policy implications in terms of offering such victims aid, asylum, and other protections.

Gallant’s statement comes on top of countless reports of anti-Christian outrages by ISIS, including mass beheadings and executions in Syria and Iraq.