Rubio needs the votes.

Via Dallas Morning News:

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson told supporters Saturday in Irving that he has heard plenty of calls to drop out of the Republican presidential primary.

Some “special interests” have even made personal appeals to him, he said.

“I’ve got unanswered calls on my phone right now, ‘Oh, if you did this or did this, and did this, or if you drop out and support this guy, we’ll give you all this money and we’ll make sure you’re a senator here,’” Carson said. “What a bunch of crap. This is about saving our nation. This is not about horse-trading and making deals.”

Carson told a reporter afterward that he wasn’t going to say who called him, but said his reaction is those people can “go jump in a lake.”

The one-time Iowa frontrunner vowed to fight on days before the Texas primary, where polls show him in a battle with Ohio Gov. John Kasich for a distant fourth place in a field of five contenders. And in his speech at the Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party event, Carson continued to zig as his Republican rivals zag.

While Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and business mogul Donald Trump have traded insults, Carson said he didn’t think it was a good idea to criticize of his fellow Republicans and invoked his faith at every turn. While his opponents talked of Israel and Planned Parenthood and Trump’s business acumen and Israel and endorsements, Carson talked about the national debt and his flat tax plan.

Carson said he doesn’t think the other candidates talk enough about the $19 trillion national debt. He said that he was “very disappointed in the so-called debate” Thursday night in Houston.

“We’re just trying to entertain people,” Carson said. “It reminds me so much of ancient Rome — everyone wants to go to the Coliseum and somebody stabs someone with a sword and they go, ‘Yeah, this is great.’ And a tiger tears somebody’s head off, and they go, ‘Ah, this is wonderful.’ And nobody is paying attention to the crumbling society around them.”

The analogy was the closest Carson came Saturday to a criticism of his fellow Republicans. He said such attacks are not “useful” to him.

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