Rick Tyler

He will fit right in at MSNBC.

Via The Hill:

Rick Tyler, who was the communications director for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign before being fired four days ago, has joined MSNBC as a political contributor.

Tyler made his debut on “Meet The Press Daily” on Friday where he spoke out for the first time about his firing, expressing regret for an “error” in judgement before being let go from the campaign.

“I’m not mad about it. I’m fine with it,” Tyler said of the political fallout during an interview with Chuck Todd.

Tyler said that members of Cruz’s team took him out for a farewell of sorts following his firing, joking, “It was a little bit like being at your own funeral.”

Cruz announced on Monday that he had fired Tyler after the spokesman distributed a story on social media that portrayed rival Marco Rubio as being dismissive of the Bible.

Tyler had issued a public apology and appeared on national television to take responsibility for sharing the story, which had featured a video that falsely quoted Rubio using subtitles.

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