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Here’s a livestream, there’s a little delay.

Closing statements:
Carson: Think about who your children would want as President. These hands have helped save lives. Asking you to join hands to help heal America.
Kasich: I’m beating Hillary by more than anyone on this stage according to the polls [strangely, this is true, according to most of the polls reflected at RCP]
Rubio: I’m asking you to get behind me and get rid of this looniness.
Cruz: Washington deals are bankrupting this country. There are several deal makers on this stage. I would rescind every illegal executive order and bad deal, we will repeal Obamacare, bring back jobs.
Trump: Politicians are all talk no action. I will get it done and we will make America great again.

Trump: will not build wall along Canadian border because too long and not significant problem.

Cruz: calling someone a liar when they are not a liar is itself a lie.
Trump: I watched him steal votes from Ben Carson, and he put out fraudulent document labeled ‘voter violation’. I gave you money [to Cruz]
Rubio: he never funded me.

Carson: can someone attack me please? [lol]

Rubio: we didn’t topple Qaddafi [no that’s not exactly true. Hillary inserted us in there without Congressional approval, we facilitated the toppling enabling the rise of ISIS in Libya]

Carson: IRS is not honest we need to get rid of them [hoo rah!] and no one I spoke to in Israel thought that we were supporting them anymore.

Cruz: We oughta say who has stood for Israel in the past. I have.
Trump: I’ve contributed a lot to Israel.

Trump: I’m beating him in Texas [that’s actually not true. Most of the polls show Cruz winning Texas]
I’m beating Hillary in Q Poll [that’s also not true, the Q Poll showed him losing to both Clinton and Sanders] I’m beating you in polls [ in head to head Cruz is actually winning in most polls] and how would you do against Hillary if I’m beating you [Cruz beats or ties Hillary in most polls]

Q: Trump, Romney back taxes. Bombshell. Are any of those allegations true?
Trump: I filed financial disclosure form. I built a great company with very little debt [I have the forms, he has in excess of 400 million in debt to various banks. That may not be a lot in a relative sense when talking billions.] I want to release my tax returns but I’m under an audit.
Rubio: I will release mine to tomorrow.
Cruz: I will release mine tomorrow. And if Donald’s under audit, that’s more of a reason to release them to quiet any question.

Q: Current deficit how would you eliminate?
Trump: Waste, fraud and abuse.
Kasich: [ I can take a break now] bla bla bla

Rubio: Trump said he liked the individual mandate of Obamacare. People should have control over their own healthcare coverage. It’s not just a bad healthcare law, it’s a bad law for our economy.
Trump: pre-existing I want to keep. I would eliminate the lines around the states.
Rubio: Trump repeats himself. He just repeated himself twice.
Trump: I watched him meltdown with Chris Christie. I would eliminate the lines around the states.
Rubio: He just repeated himself again.

Trump: Millions are helped by Planned Parenthood. [I thought they’d all be covered by Obamacare]

Q: Scalia’s passing.
Cruz: we are one liberal justice away that would undermine religious liberty, 2d Amendment. Every Dem puts on liberals, and Republicans only bat about 50%. I give you my word I will appoint a strict constitutionalist.
Trump: Justice Roberts pushed by Ted gave us Obamacare. I know Ted feels badly about it. Roberts should not have approved Obamacare.
Cruz: But Trump has given money to far left Reid et al, so we don’t know that he wouldn’t

Q: Nevada poll was only 100 people [it was 145]. But we’re talking about Hispanics nationwide. How will you do with them?
Trump: we will do very well and make stronger party.

Trump: I’m expanding the base, bringing in new people. We are building a new Republican party.

Q: Rubio and Trump you are Hispanic candidates. So are you missing a huge opportunity to expand the base.
Cruz: It shows the promise that this nation provides. Media sometimes thinks that Hispanics can only be liberal and it’s not the case. Obama/Clinton has done horrible for Hispanics.
Rubio: we are the party of diversity. Immigration is an important issue. The most important thing is that we want to leave our children better off than ourselves.

Q: Rubio, what did you say about DACA on Univsion
Rubio: I said it would have to end at some point [but he actually said he would not end it immediately, as Cruz says]

Q: Trump, campaign began with wall. Spokesman and Mexican President that will never happen. Said ‘that will never f–king happen’. So how are you going to do that?
Trump: I will and the wall just got ten foot taller. That guy should apologize.
Rubio: and he’ll use illegal aliens to build it. And you have your clothing line built in Mexico and China.
Trump: You don’t know anything about running a business.
Rubio: And I wouldn’t know anything about filing 4 bankruptcies either, or defrauding people with Trump University.
Trump: I took 1 million and made 10 billion
Rubio: then show us your taxes. Ah, you don’t make that much.

Cruz: Donald didn’t discover illegal immigration. I brought all this up including wall in 2011 when I was running for Senate. Donald funded the Gang of Eight, and when you’re funding Open border politicians don’t be surprised. And yes, Trump did hire illegal aliens and entered million dollar judgement. [Cruz was mentioning a wall back in 2011]

Q: Deportation force remove illegal aliens. You said you would allow some back in. Cruz would not let them back in. He calls your plan ‘amnesty’. Is it?
Trump: They’re going to come back through a process.
Q: What’s wrong with that?
Cruz: Hard working Americans and the aliens who came in legally are forgotten. We’ve always welcomed legal immigrants but we shouldn’t reward people who break the law.
Trump: Arpaio of Arizona has endorsed me.
Q: Is what you want amnesty?
Rubio: then we’ll see what the American people will support [that doesn’t answer the question and he has that preprogrammed answer every time asked that question]. Trump hires illegal aliens.
Trump: Romney was a terrible candidate when we should have won.
Rubio: But you did criticize Romney for self-deportation. And you got fined for hiring illegal aliens. And not Americans.
Trump: you’ve never hired anyone.

Intro yourself.

Trump: We don’t win anymore, I will make America great again. We will win again.
Cruz: Welcome to Texas. Texas gave my family hope. People tell me you did what you said you would do. And as President I would do the same.
Rubio: Reagan and George H.W. Bush appealed to our hopes and dreams, and not just our fear.
Kasich: My dad was a mailman (Drink!) America is great and you can do it.
Carson: It’s not about me, it’s about the American people.

George H.W. Bush is in the audience for the debate in Houston.

Idiots also in attendance, being kept outside. Notice how they just list multiple causes on the one sign. It’s all the same people, the ’causes’ are just about helping leftists gain more power.
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Telemundo also has one of its people as one of the ‘moderators’, so we’ll have to see how that goes.