Trump SC

Via The State:

Donald Trump kept on doing and saying the wrong things for someone trying to win the S.C. Republican primary.

He spitefully gave out U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cellphone number during a Bluffton rally in July. He suggested a ban on Muslims entering the country before a Pearl Harbor Day event at Patriots Point in December. He criticized former President George W. Bush’s role in the Iraq War during the presidential debate in Greenville last weekend.

In a state where religion and civility matter, the New York billionaire admitted he never has asked God for forgiveness, called rivals “liars” and “idiots,” and used a vulgarity during a rally.

None of those foibles mattered. Donald Trump was the answer to S.C. voters’ biggest concern: Who will make me feel safe?

Among the remaining GOP candidates, S.C. Republican voters said the political novice was the most likely to keep their family safe and to be feared by U.S. enemies, according to a Bloomberg poll last week. Voters thought Trump was the best candidate to handle the threat from terrorists and Islamic State, according to several polls.

When he spoke to thousands of supporters at convention halls and civic centers across South Carolina, Trump promised to reconnect voters to a government that they felt had left them behind. He pledged to protect them from undocumented immigrants, and stop China and Iran from taking advantage of the United States. He also insisted his business expertise would improve the economy.

Trump’s assurances of greater military and economic security led Jean Miller, a 74-year-old manufacturing employee from Greenville, to cast her third-ever presidential vote. The first two went to Hillary Clinton in the 2008 S.C. Democratic primary and John Kennedy in 1960.

“I think he’s going to get us out of this world of trouble,” she said.

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