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We will update the above results periodically and bump the post.


Rubio 22.5, Cruz 22.3.

1st place finish, Trump starts with 29 of the state’s 50 delegates. The other 21 are divided up with three each going to the winner of each of the state’s 7 congressional districts. As of this hour, the map is looking like Trump may get all 50 of the delegates.


Rubio is in second at 22.4, Cruz at 22.1. Rubio however picks up two counties and Cruz looks like he will end up with none, so Rubio will pick up some delegates.


Jeb just quit.


Cruz just moved back into second place.


Trump 34.2 Rubio 21.6 Cruz 21.2 Kasich’s team says ‘he’s rising’, it’s a ‘four man race now’ and it’s on to the next state. So it doesn’t sound like he’s getting out.


Fox just called it for Trump, saying the numbers were Trump 31, Cruz 26. Not sure what they’re looking at in final numbers.


Rubio has moved into second.


First results with 1% in, Trump 36, Cruz 21, Rubio 18, Bush 15, Carson 5, Kasich 4.

Fox is reporting the three are very tight. 77% who wants a candidate who tells it like it is pick Trump. 38% of those who want someone who ‘shares out values’ is Cruz. Late deciders are split evenly between Cruz and Rubio.


According to Fox exit polls, Trump, Cruz and Rubio are the top three, others only in the single digits. The obvious they state.

Exit polling indicates that the race has tightened in the last week, and Trump has lost some of the lead he had before the last debate, according to Fox.