Super delegate

Note to Dems: Your vote doesn’t count.


If Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have each won one state so far, how is Hillary Clinton so far ahead in the delegate count?

If you presumed Bernie Sanders is riding high after a commanding victory in New Hampshire and virtual tie in Iowa, it’s true.

He’s up 36 to 32 in the delegate count, but add the “super” delegates, and Clinton is absolutely crushing him. Those delegates aren’t bound to their state results, and have free reign to vote at the convention for whomever they want.

According to The Associated Press, the total with those all-powerful super-voters – Clinton’s up 481 to 55.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the DNC, talks about the super-strategy to sway.

Thuman: What do you think of that, smart strategy?

Schultz: Well I need to provide clarity for folks about our pledged vs unpledged process. First of all, unpledged can change their minds at any time and the reason that we have unpledged delegates is because those are party leaders and elected officials we try to make sure that we have tremendous diversity at our convention.

But what about critics who say it’s another way to protect Clinton’s path to the nomination?

Schultz: Oh, that’s just typical campaign fodder…voters decide the outcome of elections, not political parties.

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