Salvador Vidal-Ortiz Event FINAL

Via Campus Reform:

During the Q&A of a book talk at the University of Virginia, when explaining why he won’t be called white, an American University professor said he won’t be labeled something “violent.”

Professor Salvador Vidal-Ortiz was describing a situation in which an African American student called him white, and said “I may be light-skinned and we can have a conversation about that…but I will not be labeled as something that I know is violent, um, while I recognize that for someone who’s African American, that’s their experience.”

Audience members laughed loudly multiple times during an interaction in which Campus Reform asked the professor, who was promoting his new book Queer Brown Voices, whether he found capitalism problematic.

The professor responded with an emphatic “YES,” and the audience laughed as the professor added, “that’s the easiest question.” After some more chortling from the audience, Campus Reform asked Vidal-Ortiz to elaborate, to which he responded “half of academia is anti-capitalism.”