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The modern day Rosa Parks.

Via Chicago Sun Times:

Valerie Jarrett was on the Chicago Transit Authority board for nearly eight years before becoming a top aide to President Barack Obama. Howard Medley was on the CTA board for a decade before he was convicted in a scheme involving a CTA fuel contract.

Despite their divergent paths, the time Jarrett and Medley spent there proved lucrative to both of them. They and other retired CTA board members — all of them political appointees who worked only part time — each came away with five-figure pensions that have cost the public transit agency a total of more than $3 million over 10 years, a Chicago Sun-Times and Better Government Association investigation has found.

In 2014, the most recent year for which records were available, the CTA paid $330,000 into its board pension fund and doled out $329,744 in pension payments to 19 board retirees or their survivors.[…]

Jarrett was appointed CTA board chairman in 1995 by then-Mayor Richard M. Daley. She left the $50,000-a-year part-time post in 2003 and began collecting her $35,660-a-year pension three years later, at 50 — the minimum age at which former board members can take their pensions.

Now 59, Jarrett had collected a total of $306,080 in pension payouts as of last summer, records show. That’s more than 27 times the $11,132 that she paid toward her board pension through payroll deductions from her CTA paychecks.

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