The students appear to be black so… racism!

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A controversial photo has created quite a firestorm on social media and has definitely raised some eyebrows among the community, school administrators and police.

Two Richland Township students have stirred up a lot of anger with a picture that appears to be taken in a classroom showing a young man standing on an American flag while the young woman stands beside him displaying her middle finger and sticking out her tongue.

Both the Richland Township School District and Police department have acknowledged the situation and say they’re looking into it. The photo was posted on social media Saturday night and since then, thousands have shared it across the region. Some people say it’s unpatriotic and many are outraged.

“I thought it was disrespectful. It definitely wasn’t a representation of what Richland school district is,” said Mindy Wadsworth, a Richland township parent. “As a parent of a Richland student, I hope that’s not how I would hope my child would act.”