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I expect some desperation from Grandma tonight, so it may be fun to see her completely losing what’s left of her mind.
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Closing Statements:
Bernie: there is no one who has the power to take on Wall St. and media alone. It’s not just about electing a president, it’s about creating a political revolution. [people don’t get what he’s saying here and they should]. It isn’t just about progressive agenda, it’s about bringing everyone together and not just 1%
Hillary: we agree on Wall St, but I am not a single issue candidate. Whether it’s poison of the kids in Flint or the poor coal miners, or if you feel put down by racism and sexism and lgbt, we have to stand up for unions and working people [who else can I pander too, please give me more groups!]

Q: Sanders, Can you name two leaders who have influenced you?
Bernie: FDR [figures the origin of the expansion of government into the lives of everyone].and that’s what it’s about now. Don’t listen to the Trumps of world. We can have everything. Winston Churchill as a war time leader rallied the people against the nazi juggernaut.
Hillary: I agree with Bernie on FDR for all the reasons he said. I would choose Mandela for his generosity of heart [and pandering to blacks in South Carolina] Talking about leadership Sanders attacked Obama, I don’t think he gets credit he deserves considering what he inherited from Republicans. I expect criticism of him form Republicans not from you.
Bernie: That’s a low blow. I have worked with President Obama for 8 years. We have made enormous progress. Last I heard we are a free society. I have expressed criticisms.
Hillary: calling him weak is not fair, is personal.
Bernie: one of us ran against Obama, I was not that candidate.

Bernie: Whole world has to come together to deal with refugee crisis [how are you going to do that]

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[talking about normalizing relations with Iran. These are you Democrats, ladies and gentlemen]

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Q: Russia. Kerry has announced what could lead to ceasefire in Syria. We now see the Russians have bombed in way that benefits Assad, not hurt ISIS. What would you do to deal with Russia?
Bernie: We have to protect Eastern Europe from any Russian aggression [Crimea river, it’s a bit late]

Bernie: Hillary got rid of Qaddafi and allowed ISIS to come in. And this has gone on for 50 years with US overthrowing leaders. [you piece of shit]
Hillary: Sanders voted for regime change in Libya and Iraq. [you are lying about the nature of his vote, it wasn’t for intervention and military action that you took]
Sanders: Judgement matters as well. Talking about specific action for regime change I didn’t support.
Hillary: I recommended going after Bin Laden, it was a tough choice [no it wasn’t. How was it hard?]
Bernie: she talked about getting support and mentoring of Henry Kissinger. I’m proud to say he is not my friend. US bombed Cambodia which enabled Pol Pot to come in, and genocide happened [woah let us go full commie here]
Hillary: Journalists have questioned who you actually listen to on foreign policy. Him opening up China was incredibly useful, but I listen to many people.
Bernie: Kissinger talked about Domino theory [no one today actually cares about what you say bout Kissinger Bernie]

Q: Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about wars abroad and coming here. Are we ready?
Hillary: we are readier than we used to be [no we’re not] We have to take on ISIS online, help law enforcement at home. WE have to have tell people if they see something say something [no kidding? really?] Muslims are our first line of defense, so when someone like Trump stirs up demagoguery that makes it harder to get coalitions like I did with Iran sanctions [you lie].

Q: Are there any areas of government you’d like to reduce? [they had that question in the last debate]
Bernie: sure, I believe in efficient government.
Hillary: colleges and universities, every part of the federal government should be looked at.
Bernie: we also have to take a look at Dept of Defense. [of course, you want to gut it]

Hillary: Obama and I took contributions but it didn’t influence us.
Bernie: so why do they spend this money? Dodd Frank doesn’t go far enough.
Hillary: No bank to big to fail, no executive too powerful to jail [and hopefully that means you] We can use DF to break up the banks if need be.

George Soros question!
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Bernie: we don’t cut social security, we should expand it. [and where will you get the money you ridiculous old loon?] I will not only expand it for seniors, but for disabled veterans as well.
Hillary: we don’t have a disagreement, I also will take more passive income from wealthy people. I want to take care of low income seniors and women.
Bernie: we’re asking the top 1.5% to pay to cover this.

Q: One of concerns of working Americans is immigration. Should immigrants not fear deportations under you?
Bernie: the answer is yes. I believe we have to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and a path toward citizenship. I agree with Obama who used executive orders to protect families [nice, he’s admitting right now he would violate the Constitution] If Congress doesn’t do the right thing, we use the executive orders the President [which a court has already found improper, so nice you violate the law] In fact, I would go further.
Hillary: I strongly support Obama’s exec actions.
[In the words of our reader HARP2, that’s dictatorship you fucking idiots!]
Bernie: we have to stand up to the Trumps of this world and we must pass path to citizenship.
Hillary: we must also send message to Central America that they cannot send their people.
Bernie: who are you sending a message to, these are children who are fleeing danger to their lives. We just have to welcome them to this country.

Hillary: I’m concerned about every community, including white communities [why isn’t it just every American] I’m going to address distressed communities like coal. I’m going to spend more on generational poverty communities. [after she and Dems have eviscerated coal]

Bernie: Black community lost half of their wealth due to crash. Unbelievable rates of incarceration, clearly we are looking at institutional racism [no the data doesn’t prove that at all, you crazy old socialist]

Hillary: we know of the terrible tragic death of Dontre Hamilton, he should still be with us, his family believes that and so do I. We have to restore policing that will restore communities and we have to go after sentencing [that my husband passed into law] There are other systemic discriminations in this state that we have to deal with as well. [so please provide your proof as to the systemic nature]
Bernie: we have to demilitarize police and we have to make sure the police debts look like the communities. [they do in every major city where most of these incidents occur]
Hillary: Obama has done a lot but we are still seeing the remaining results of the systemic racism. We have to provide employment, housing and education. These problems are no in the open and no one can denied them. We’re going to change policing practices and we will solve this.

Bernie: 1 in 4 black male babies born today will be in jail. So we have to end over policing in black neighborhoods. 4 times as many blacks get arrested for pot. More for traffic offenses. [and why would that be? …] We are sick of seeing police shooting black people.

Hillary: I’m very proud Naral endorsed me. [Remember NARAL was the one with the crazy tweets during the Super Bowl attacking babies and the Doritos commercial]

Q: Hillary why aren’t you appealing to women.
Hillary: I think I should, and I’m going to keep appealing to them and making the case.
Q: Albright said there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t vote for you?
H: She’s been saying that for 25 years.

[oh gosh that scary puke collar Mao jacket is throwing me off, I can’t listen to anything she is saying]

Bernie: Sen. Clinton, you’re not in the White House, yet.

Hillary: If it’s Medicare for all, it’s a different program. If you’re having single payer you have to level with everyone. The numbers don’t add up and many will be worse off than they are now.

Bernie: Hillary has been saying is that I’m going to do away with Obamacare and I never said that. People would pay 500 more and get 5000 reduction [sure, no way]. Healthcare is a right.

Hillary: Bernie’s numbers don’t hold up, it is important that both of us are held to account. [hahahahaha]. When it comes to healthcare that is incredibly important because we’re talking about lives.

Bernie: Government has moral obligation to make sure people have a decent standard of living.