V Fox



With the South Carolina primaries right around the corner, actress Vivica Fox made her rounds in South Carolina on Tuesday campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Fox spoke to an audience at Voorhees in Denmark telling them to stay engaged and politically aware as the primaries approach. She stressed the importance of voting and making sure everyone’s voice is heard on Election Day.

“What I learned coming to South Carolina this time is you guys had 400,000 voters that were registered to vote and they did not vote,” Fox said. “And I found that to be very disappointing. We saw that, when we did turn out to vote in numbers for Barack Obama, we got in the house. We have to not get comfortable we have to continue to care. We have to continue to pay attention and that’s why it’s so important to always make sure generation next which is the young folks — that they know there vote counts. Get out pay attention to what’s happening.”

The Republican primary in South Carolina will be held on February 20th. The Democratic primary is slated to take place on February 27th.