Dunkins Donuts

Tainted water caused by a Democrat majority government.

Via Daily Mail:

Squeezing ahead of Bernie Sanders in Iowa, Hillary Clinton continues her desperate quest to appear relatable.

And so as she visited crisis-plagued Flint, Michigan, on Sunday, the former First Lady made a point of going into a Dunkin Donuts.

Flanked by her right-hand-woman Huma Abedin, the billionaire politician squinted at the menu, apparently enthralled by the options.

The publicity stunt came shortly before Clinton boldly slammed the water crisis in Flint as ‘immoral’, saying Congress should approve $200 million in emergency aid for the city grappling with lead-contaminated water.

candidate trailing in polls against rival Bernie Sanders in the first primary state.

Clinton hopes to use a narrower-than-expected loss in Tuesday’s primary as a springboard into contests later this month in Nevada and South Carolina.

Clinton said she was making a ‘personal commitment’ to help Flint in a message delivered not only to the congregants at a local Baptist church but also a more heavily-minority electorate in Southern contests that could help her build a foundation for a delegate-by-delegate drive toward the nomination.

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