Rich people, banks, pharmaceutical companies, angry grandpa, blah blah blah…

Via USA Today:

We found several false and misleading claims in the debate between former secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

• Sanders claimed Clinton called Barack Obama “naive” in 2007 because he “thought it was a good idea to talk to our enemies.” That lacks context. Clinton objected not to meeting with enemies, but to Obama’s statement that he would do so without preconditions.

• Sanders claimed that NAFTA and other trade deals have cost “millions” of U.S. jobs, but independent economists have said the impact on the economy was small.

• Clinton revised history in discussing her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. She supported the trade deal as secretary of state.

• Sanders mixed and matched two different sets of data to claim that “millions of Americans … are working longer hours for low wages.”

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