Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders

The fun in these is watching the incredibly ridiculous things that they say. Otherwise my head would spin of its axis at the stupidity of Bernie and the deception of Hillary.

Starts at 9 pm on MSDNC…drinking words: Obama and revolution.

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Closing Statements:
S: Dad came from Poland, died pretty young. I love this country. He was the most proud American because of what it gave him. But we are the only country that doesn’t guarantee healthcare, people can’t send kids to college, I do believe we need a political revolution. [Drink!]

H: bring your heart and your head with you to vote on Tuesday. We have income inequality but we have other forms of inequality including racism, sexism and discrimination and LGBT community [didn’t you learn it’s LGBTQ, Hill?]

Q: would you pick each other for VP?
[Both avoid, Hilly cackles]

Q: Republicans often talk about departments they would get rid of? Is there one you would get rid of or add?
H: No. I ran a big agency, Kissinger said I ran it more effective than anyone had in a while [where’s the missing 6 billion? What about the people you let die? And the leg up you gave ISIS in Libya]

Q: President Obama got a lot done [drink!] Immigration, gun reform, climate change. The first one is one most likely to get done so which do you do first?
H: I don’t accept that premise.
S: I’m absolutely for immigration reform and a path to citizenship for 11 million people. But you missed two, including for campaign finance reform. So no nominee of mine to SCOTUS will get it unless they are against Citizen United [again, not the way you’re supposed to do it]

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Q: Hillary, you supported NAFTA but you opposed TPP
H: I had hoped TPP would bring that hope but I didn’t think ultimately it would, I opposed it.
Q: Sanders you have never supported a trade deal, so how will you stop China.
S: I don’t believe in free trade I believe in fair trade that works for people and not just multinational corporations.

Q: Flint Michigan water crisis. But they haven’t fixed it yet. What would you do, would you order a federal response?
H: Of course, it’s an emergency. [the Obama EPA knew and let it go on]
S: I asked for resignation of Gov. Snyder [Republican, but he didn’t call for resignation of Dem city officials or Obama EPA] One wonders if this were a white suburban community what kind of response there would have been.

Q: There is an open FBI investigation.
H: I am 100% confident, this is just a security review about me. If there is one about me, there has to be one about Republican office holders and this retroactive classification.
S: I will not talk about emails, I don’t want to politicize it [Hillary nods up and down, thankful he’s an idiot]

Q: Can you insure the people that email issue wouldn’t blow up and kill your candidacy?
H: Before this it was Benghazi, they admitted they were trying to get me and they failed. And they are now trying to attack Powell and Rice, they’re doing the same thing to them that they did to me [they didn’t have private servers}

Q: Sanders, do you have a general election strategy to not have a Goldwater result? [good question]
S: many polls have me as the strongest candidate for the general election. Democrats win when people are excited and have a large turnout. Republicans win when people are depressed and not a lot come out, which is why they are into voter suppression. I help bring large turnout and we win governors chairs up and down the line, we create the large voter turnout that will help us win.
H: I think I’m the best person to take case to Republicans, it’s who the American people can believe to keep them safe. [hahahahha, not you, babe!] and build on the accomplishments of Obama [drink!] I’m most vetted, there isn’t anything people don’t know about me [except for what was in the 30,000 emails you trashed]

Q: Des Moines Register says Iowa Caucus was a complete debacle. Do you agree we need an audit?
S: We may have 2 more delegates. People are blowing this up out of proportion. [here he is again letting her get away]
H: whatever Dem Party wants to do.

S: I had the privilege and the honor of chairing the committee on Veterans Affairs [and did nothing to solve any of these problems for decades. And this is the only thing you did in 25 years in the Senate]. Koch brothers want to destroy every governmental program. I ask all the vets if the quality of the care was good and they all said without question it was [what?]

Q: What is your argument against privatizing the VA [why be against that?]
H: I’m very against that [why doesn’t Obama fix this?] this is another part of Koch Borthers agenda [what? Being Harry Reid doesn’t become you, lady]

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Q: What are chief national sec challenges?
S: I wonder about isolated country like North Korea because it is so strange and isolated.
H: We do have to worry about North Korea, they are working very hard on their ballistic missile capability [and have nukes, thanks to your husband] But Russia is also trying to expand its boundaries, are deeply involved in support of Assad and wanting to have base in Middle East. We have to send a very clear message to Putin [RESET PART 2]

S: [he would negotiate with terrorists and enemies]

S: She has more experience, doesn’t have judgment I have.
H: I advised Obama on Bin Laden {drink!] I had that judgment.

Q: Sanders what is your foreign policy plan? You haven’t said much? [good question]
S: we need to learn the lesson of Iraq. US cannot do it alone, cannot be the police man of the world. We have to work in strong coalition with the major powers of the world. [that doesn’t actually say anything about policy]
H: Sanders says he would invite Iranian troops into Syria and putting them right on the door step of Israel and asking Saudi Arabia and Iran to work together when they can’t stand each other.

S: King Abdullah said it’s a war for the soul of Islam, combat must be done by Muslims.

H: We will not send troops back to Iraq and Syria but we will have Special Ops there [I guess they’re not troops, and we know they are doing fighting]

[This is the beat up on corporations and banks show. This is what the Democratic Party has become. Strangely enough, the MSDNC questions are not bad] [translation I will do what Obama is doing which is not working]

S: We are going to end loopholes, companies leave to avoid taxes and go to Caymans and we will tax more to make people pay their fair share [so many more will leave]


Q: Will you release the transcripts of the speeches you have given, including to Goldman Sachs?
H: [oh she’s losing it, she’s temporizing and trying to cover] We’ll look into it [what is there to look into? Release them!] It’s just one street.
S: It’s not just one street, it’s one of the most powerful evil things in society. If we don’t break them up, we are going to have to bail them out again. [no one can achieve beyond what we dictate]

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Q: have you been too dismissive of people’s concerned about your connection to Wall St and your speaking fees?
H: I went to Wall St. and told them they were going to wreck the economy [?] They are trying to beat me in this election so obviously they know my record and they know I will stop them. [you have a record and all this will hurt you in the general election when you are not pandering to the left]
S: Wall St is one of most powerful entities in country, helped destroy the economy [no, people that pitched underwater mortgages, like Obama, is what destroyed it]

H: Sanders keeps putting forth these attacks by insinuation that I have been bought, if you think I’ve done something, say it [you shredded the emails, and had your own private server, witch]
[descent into fight omg Hillary just lost it big time]
S: There is a reason that these people are putting huge amounts into the political system [oh my this is getting hot!]
H: You voted to deregulate things that helped bring down the economy. People make mistakes and I’m not saying you did that deliberately. I’m just saying I have a better track record to you to get things done.
[they finally got these two into a knock down drag out fight]

Q: how can you lead the Dem party when you only became a Dem recently?
S: I am the longest serving independent in Congress. I caucused with Dems and I was on the veterans committee ad I’m running as a Dem. I do want to see major changes in the Dem party. I want a 50 state strategy, and want to bring in young people.
H: I’m around to have the support of so many leading Vermonters, inc Howard Dean.
Q: H has endorsements of many of your home staters
S: Well she has most of the establishment behind her. I don’t deny that. So yes, she does represent the establishment.
H: Sanders is only one who would characterize me as establishment. [cheers, stacked audience, Hilly’s thought that out to increase the ‘enthusiasm’ for her].

S: I’m the only one here who hasn’t taken corporate or Wall St donations. I’m very proud of that.

{sounds like Hillary stacked the audience]

S: [rich, free stuff, angry grandpa, bla bla bla]
H: Cherry picking quote, doesn’t change my record to fight for racial justice and children’s rights, fighting against drug companies.

Q: Sanders is saying you are not progressive enough, you are too far to the right? [hahahaha]
H: I’m a progressive who gets things done. Under his definition Obama is not progressive. I don’t think it was particularly progressive of Sanders to vote against Brady Bill.

Q: You said that hard to see how some of Sanders goals are not achievable, please clarify what you mean.
H: I want to build on the progress we made with Obamacare. I believe in affordable college not free college, because otherwise we can’t control the costs. Jobs, clean energy, small biz, raising minimum wage, equal pay for equal work. It’s not achievable [so she’s saying none of those things are achievable? Oh that will go over well with the ‘free stuff’ crowd]
S: Every major country on earth has been able to provide health care for all, so I don’t accept that US can’t do that. Everyone understands that we need well educated work force. I do believe that colleges should be tuition free. We pay for it by a tax on wall st. speculation. [and that wouldn’t even pay for a small portion of it]
H: Sanders wants to start all over again. [he didn’t actually say that]
S: I would not dismantle it while we are waiting for a universal coverage we would create, I helped write it. But we should have healthcare for all.

Bernie: Economy is rigged, not the fairness we grew up believing it was supposed to be about [do you know how to say anything else? Life isn’t fair. Do you know anything about anything else?]
Hillary: Yes, the economy is rigged, but there’s also racism, sexism, discrimination against LGBT community. I’m fighting for those people who cannot wait.