Should be a no brainer.


A measure that would ban the use of Sharia Law in South Carolina court rooms is working its way through the State House.

Sharia Law, also known as International Law, is closely tied to Islam. It covers an entire way of life, but one rule under Sharia Law is if someone is caught stealing, they would have their hand cut off as punishment.

There is concern from some lawmakers that attorneys could use Sharia Law to defend their clients in South Carolina.

Muhammad Adly is the Director of the Islamic Center of Columbia, and he says Sharia Law is far more than punishment for criminal acts.

“The Sharia Law is covering every inch of our life,” said Adly. He says it is the general law on how mankind should live.”We claim that this is the word of God. So the one who created us legislates for us.”

Adly is opposed to the measure passed by South Carolina’s House of Representatives last week.

“They could not make a law that would work for mankind,” said Adly.

Representative Chip Limehouse is sponsoring the bill.

“We’re against radical Islamic extremists who are out to destroy America- thats what this law is against,” said Limehouse. The Lowcountry Republican calls it an ancient code of laws that places religion in the courtroom.

“Why is it so hard for the liberals to get? If you know anything about Sharia law, you know it is a very very very bad thing- particularly for women,” said Limehouse.

Democratic Representative James Smith, who opposes the measure, says Limehouse’s bill plays on people’s hates, fears and prejudices.

“By passing this, they are making South Carolina less safe. They are making the case for Isis- they are doing exactly what Isis wants to happen, which is to create a religious war,” said Smith.

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