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The owner of The Intercept, Pierre Omidyar, is often called a mini-Soros, so perhaps this is not surprising.

Via The Blaze:

The investigative news website the Intercept announced Tuesday that it fired one of its staff reporters for fabricating stories about Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

Editor-in-chief Betsy Reed wrote in a note to readers that Juan Thompson was let go last month after the publication discovered a “pattern of deception” in the writer’s actions.

Reed said that, in at least three instances, Thompson used quotes attributed to people who said they had never been interviewed. Other quotes were attributed to individuals who could not be reached, didn’t remember speaking with Thompson or whose identities the Intercept was not able to establish.

Thompson claimed that he met a number of unnamed people to whom he attributed other quotes at public events. The website’s editor-in-chief said the since-terminated employee even created an email account, which he claimed belonged to at least one source.

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