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Via Breitbart:

There are reports of a “powerful” explosion at a school in the town of Karlstad, Sweden this afternoon.

Local news site Expressen reports that a fire broke out after the explosion and emergency services are on site, although there are not yet any reports of casualties.

Ola Akesson of the town’s emergency services told the paper: “We are on site now and are trying to ascertain what has exploded”.

“We have searched through the building and checked the roof. We have not found what caused the explosion”.

She added that the explosion could be heard across the city. Pictures and video footage coming out of Karlstad show no smoke coming from the building, nor damage. Fire officers are seen inspecting the building but spraying no water.

According to Aftonbladet, the headmistess of the school said the blast was “terrible”: “Although I was a good many meters away it shook the whole building. Suddenly running in one of the [staff] cries out that there is a bomb in the sports hall. As we ran the emergency services were already arriving”.

The blast has been described as ‘strange’, with no injuries and no indications of an explosion having taken place, except for a column of smoke.

The school is located in Karlstad, a small city in Sweden’s rural hinterland, West of Stockholm.