No looting, burning and rioting by the group the Government calls ‘extremists’.

Via UPI:

About 100 people and dozens of vehicles participated in a “rolling rally” to protest the killing of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, one of the armed protesters occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon for the last three weeks.

Saturday night’s rally represented strong anti-government sentimentwith some vehicles displaying the United States flag and others the Confederate flag. Signs read “Entering Nazi Germany” and “FBI Go Home.” One person protested against the rally, holding a sign reading “Militia Go Home.”

There are still four armed protesters occupying the refuge, which was seized by the group on Jan. 2 in protest over the federal government’s land-use policies.

“I feel we are living in a very corrupt government. Right now people are getting pulled out of their car, getting guns pointed at their heads, and they killed an innocent man,” protester Judi Rodgers, who carried a sign reading “Welcome to Nazi Germany,” told The Washington Post.

Finicum, 56, was shot and killed on Tuesday after engaging in a standoff with Oregon police as they arrested protest leader Ammon Bundy and four others.The FBI recently released graphic footage showing the standoff, which authorities said shows Finicum reaching for his waist before being shot.

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