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I’ll be live blogging the debate. Critique of what is said will be in […]. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is with Trump not being there.

The undercard debate wasn’t bad with Fiorina getting in some good knocks at Hillary, Jim Gilmore getting noticed and Huckabee whacking Bernie Sanders.
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Every time they mention ‘Trump’, I’m going to post ‘Drink’ and you may imbibe the adult beverage of your choice….

Chris Wallace just admitted that they were trying to make them fight each other but that the candidates really didn’t go for it.

I just scrolled thru the Fox Twitter account to see how they had been tweeting the debate. In all the two hours they had multiple tweets and videos from Rubio, 15 spread out over the 2 hours. They had about three of Cruz all at the beginning, not one after the first ten minutes. They are now following up with Frank Luntz saying it was a game changer for Rubio. and many more people came to Rubio.

Closing statements:
Cruz: we’ve been burned over and over again. Who do you know who will protect what we care about.
Rubio: the bible commands us to let our light shine upon the world. the 21st century will be new american century.
Carson: I want to thank Iowa. [reads preamble to the Constitution] It’s not too late. Enough said.
Bush: I’m proven conservative leader. I will defeat Hillary.
Christie: On 9/11, my wife was 2 blocks away. Terrorism scares everyone. We need CIC who knows how to deal with it.
Kasich: bla bla bla optimism.
Paul: I’m an eye surgeon. Got to be in Senate. But I’m the one true fiscal conservative and that’s the only way we will balance our budget [Paul folks cheer]

Wallace: Branstad is in audience, Cruz, very popular gov who came out against you.
Cruz: don’t think Washington should be picking winners and losers, so we should not be giving subsidies. There are Dems who are against this. I will tear down EPA’s blend wall all without any gov’t subsidies, that will help farmers. And Steve King knows I am for farmers, without picking winners and losers. [good response to sand bag question, even panning to Branstad in the audience]

Nabila Noor, Muslim activist: What would you do to address discrimination against Muslims?
Bush: the threat is Islamic terrorism, not Nabila. We can’t talk about banning Muslims as Trump did [drink]
Which is why I have been critical of Trump, decrying people [drink]

Paul: Hillary takes money from regimes that discriminate against women.

How long now since they asked Cruz a question?

If Cruz is the leader poll wise on the stage, why is Rubio getting all the questions, Fox? Cruz hasn’t been asked a question now in awhile.

Katich is speaking. [It’s my time to take a break and stretch]

Christie: When I take Hillary on, she will never get within ten miles of the White House. The days of the Clintons living in public housing are over…

Baier: Rubio, why are you third in Florida?
Rubio: I’m not Jesus. Bernie is a great President…for Sweden. Hillary is disqualified for President and anyone who has lied to families who have died in the service to this country should never be President of the US.

Megyn: why are most of your ads directed at Rubio, not Hillary?
Bush: well, I’ve seen polls where I’m beating Hillary [where? I haven’t ]

Cruz: the endorsements I’m proud of are people like Steve King and Dr. James Dobson. I’m not going to Washington to go along to get along. If I am elected, I will do two things: tell truth and do what I said I would do.

Dulce Candy youtuber who came in illegally asks question about immigration.
Carson: we have to be intelligent about our policies. That’s why I declared war on IS. If you have one in ten person who is a terrorist you would keep all out.
Bush: [praises Dulce Candy for service]

Rubio: Lie of Cruz that everyone else is a RINO [booos from crowd]
Cruz: Rubio told people who would lead fight against amnesty. Marco made the choice to support amnesty. I honored my commitments not to.
Christie: I heard what they both said, you can change your mind but you can’t hid behind parliamentary tricks.

Here’s Trump stream again, Stump For Trump girls coming on now:

Megyn: Rubio, you promised you would not support amnesty when you ran for office. But then you were co-sponsoring amnesty.
Rubio: No, I do not support blanket amnesty. They’ve been talking about this for 30 years and nothing done about it. 1. we will keep ISIS out. Securing borders is not racist. Until all of that is working, nothing else is going to happen. We’re not going to round up 12 million people.
Bush: we should have path to legal status for the 12 million, pay a fine and earn status, not cutting in from of others who are legal in line.
Rubio: you use to support a path to citizenship
Bush: so did you.
Rubio: you wouldn’t get anything done until illegal immigration is under control.

Brett Baier: What’s one thing you can get rid of in gov’t?
Christie: funding for Planned Parenthood. I can’t think of anything more important than saving millions of children from being killed in the womb.
Cruz: If I am elected president, we will repeal every word of Obamacare. We should allow people to purchase care across state lines. We should expand health savings accounts. We should work to delink health insurance from employment so if lose job your health insurance goes with you.

Rand: third of budget for Ferguson was based on civil fines. War on drugs has disproportionately affected African Americans. 3 out of 4 in prison black or brown, we need to bring about criminal justice reform.

Bush: first duty of new President should be to fix Vets Affairs [but no one has actually done anything about it thru multiple administrations]

Trump invites Huckabee and Santorum onto stage with him.

Megyn: Don’t radical Muslims have a right to be radical Muslims as long as they don’t engage in terror? [what?]
Rubio: we will go after ISIS wherever they are.
Magyn: should we close down mosques?
Paul: defending country depends on securing borders.
Christie: people should use their common sense, call law enforcement. Problem is Obama/Hillary has made law enforcement the enemy.
Megyn: has GOP messaging on Muslims stoked flames of bias.
Carson: we have to stop with PC or it’s going to kill us. Holy Land trial talked about how our desire to protect rights would be our undoing. They have to be willing to follow our laws or stay where they are.

Cruz mocks Wallace/Fox for trying to incite fights between each other. Cruz makes joke that if Wallace is mean to him, he may have to leave the stage.

Chris Wallace just stomped all over Cruz trying to respond to Rubio. Under the rules, they should have allowed him too, but they didn’t.

Trump says they raised over 5 million in one day for veterans, Trump himself said he gave a million.

C: Not tough talk to talk about carpet bombing. Obama is launching 30 attacks a day not thousands, not arming Kurds. Need to change ROE.
R: Cruz only voted for budget that had military reductions. We need to defeat ISIS and we cannot defeat them with military being reduced.

Here’s live stream for the alternate Trump event:

Q Megan: Let’s address elephant in room, Cruz what do you think about Trump missing debate? [Drink!]
C: [Drink] Great we’re here for Iowa. Every candidate is fat and ugly, now we got the Trump portion over with.
Q: Divide between you and Trump [Drink] [Damn, that’s about 7 chugs right in the first few minutes]
C: I don’t what to attack him, I want to concentrate on substance.
Q to Rubio, ‘you say you can unite’, how?
R: [Rubio is on Red Bull again, slow it down, how can you talk that fast in response to a question you haven’t heard before].
B: I miss Trump, he was a teddy bear to me. [Drink!]