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Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis, above, who voted ‘right’ was a Democrat, which of course must have earned him even greater ire.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A Missouri lawmaker on Tuesday said a dispute over right-to-work legislation during a union event last week led to an alley fistfight with a fellow legislator that prompted one of them to seek a restraining order.

Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis released a copy of the restraining order and a House ethics complaint he filed against Rep. Michael Butler. Both are St. Louis area Democrats.

Curtis alleges Butler verbally confronted him during an AFL-CIO reception at a Jefferson City restaurant Jan. 19 because Curtis last year supported a right-to-work bill limiting union powers. Curtis said Butler took a swing at him in an alley as he was leaving, and Curtis said he fought back.

“Our political stances shouldn’t ever result to having violent actions taken against us,” Curtis said.

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Butler the alleged attacker:
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