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Lol, paper of record, always good for a laugh.

Via Daily Caller:

It’s been nearly two years since The New York Times published an article claiming the “end of snow” was nigh because of man-made global warming.

“Europe has lost half of its Alpine glacial ice since the 1850s, and if climate change is not reined in, two-­thirds of European ski resorts will be likely to close by 2100,” Peter Fox, the editor of Powder magazine, wrote in an op-ed in February 2014.

“The same could happen in the United States, where in the Northeast, more than half of the 103 ski resorts may no longer be viable in 30 years because of warmer winters,” Fox wrote.

An Oregon State University hydroclimatologist echoed the same sentiment to NPR recently, telling the news outlet to enjoy snow now “because there’s a whole lot less of it,” especially in the Western U.S., due to warming.

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