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Beause she was just amazing under fire just like in Bosnia, ya know…

Via Breitbart:

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Democartic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she gets paid over $200,000 for a speech because of interests in various matters including “a lot of interest in the bin Laden raid.”

Partial transcript s follows:

TODD: “As you know, your opponent Senator Sanders has been hitting you on Wall Street contributions and including paid speeches you did for Goldman Sachs among other banks. Let me ask you this — why do you think one of these big banks paid you over $200,000 for a speech.”

CLINTON: “Look, I gave speeches to a wide array of groups from health care groups to auto dealers and many, many more and I think what they were interested in — because what we talked about was the world coming off of four years as secretary of state in a complicated world, people were interested in what I saw, what I thought, they asked questions about matters that were on their minds. A lot of interest in the bin Laden raid, how such a tough decision was made and what I advised the president. You know, I think Americans who are doing business in every aspect of the economy want to know more about the world. I actually think it’s a good conversation for people to be having.”

TODD: “You don’t think they expect anything in return?”

CLINTON: “Absolutely not. You know, first of all, I was a senator from New York. I took them on when I was senator. I took on the carried interest loophole. I took on what was happening in the mortgage markets. I was talking about that the in 2006. They know exactly where I stand. And I’ll tell you, Chuck, it’s interesting to me that now Karl Rove has taken money from the financial interest who’ve taken an ad against me to influence Democrats not to support me. Why? Ask yourself why. He knows number one I know what must be done and number two I know how to get it done to make sure that Wall Street writ large, not just the banks but the investment banks, hedge funds and everybody else, no longer can wreck our economy in the way they did in 2008.”

But they’re not buying her, no siree bob:

“Anybody who thinks they can buy me doesn’t know me,” a defensive Clinton said in an interview with the Des Moines Register when asked about criticism she’s received from progressives in her party and from her main opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, for her lucrative speaking gigs.

How much has she gotten?

A dozen financial firms, including Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, have paid the former secretary of state $2.9 million for speaking gigs since 2013, when Clinton left the State Department. Goldman Sachs alone paid her $675,000 for three separate speeches. Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, have been paid $125 million for speeches since leaving the White House.

As The New York Times noted earlier this week in an article on Clinton’s speech income, her $225,000 usual fee for one speech — which generally lasts for less than an hour — is roughly five times larger than the annual median income in Iowa, the site of next month’s first party caucuses.