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You’re right. None of those people would have done what Hillary did, leave Americans without security to be attacked, failed to save them when they begged for help, then lied about it to their families and lied about what was said to the families.

Via Mediaite:

Senator Jeanne Shaheen took a peculiar swipe at Hillary Clinton‘s rivals at a Clinton campaign rally earlier today. And it involves Benghazi.

Shaheen fired up the crowd as she talked about how well Clinton did at the 11-hour Benghazi hearing a few months ago. She asked, “Is there anybody here who thinks that anybody else in this race, Republican or Democrat, could have done what Hillary did?”

The audience shouted, “NO!”

Shaheen cried, “Not Donald Trump… not Ted Cruz… and not Bernie Sanders!”

Sanders has avoided talking about Benghazi on the campaign trail, though back in November he started saying there are valid questions about Clinton’s emails.