Not only did they not bring him home, they essentially teased the family by telling them some time ago to expect a call and then never told them about this deal before they heard about it on TV. If there had been no word about him, why then did they tease the family suggesting he was involved in the possible release?

Via Free Beacon:

The family of Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent who was taken hostage in Iran in 2007, told ABC News Monday that they feel “betrayed” by the Obama administration.

“I’m very disappointed and feel extremely betrayed by them. They have done nothing to get in touch with me, other than after I asked them to,” Christine Levinson, Robert’s wife, said.

ABC anchor David Muir said that the Levinson family “never got a call from the White House that their loved one would not be included” in the recent exchange of four Americans that were imprisoned in Iran. Instead, the Levinson family heard about the prisoner exchange “on television.”

Levinson’s family said that Robert is a patriot whose loyalty to his country has not been reciprocated by the current administration.

“Your father is the American left behind,” ABC reporter Brian Ross said.

“Absolutely,” Dan Levinson, Robert’s son, said. “Who was serving his country, and his country hasn’t done its duty to get him home.”

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