Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders

Via Red Alert:

It’s no secret that Bernie Sanders is winning over many millennials. And, a recent poll from USA Today/Rock the Vote showed his margin over Hillary Clinton may be more than anyone previously thought. This includes a nearly 20 point lead among young women.

Even though Sanders’ lead with young men is much more slight, it is still there.

If you’re a guy who supports Sanders though, you likely do not want to be referred to as a “Berniebro.” That’s because the term is usually connected to sexism, as just one of its core associations. Right, because young men who don’t support someone so unlikable and with such high unfavorable ratings as Hillary Clinton are sexist.

In their coverage of the USA Today/Rock the Vote poll, Rolling Stone included these “Berniebros,” by also mentioning a sort of media roundup. Of course, the usual suspect of Salon is included in the mix, but it’s not the only one:

Marcotte’s piece,  is perhaps the most nauseating of all. And this starts right off from the subheadline of “Clinton’s low polling with young people is more about young men not being feminist enough, not young women.” She’s overreaching by claiming to speak for “the rest of us,” but at least Marcotte gets it right that Hillary and feminists are quite the desperate bunch.