Mikey Moore Flint

Didn’t see any protests or offers of water to the Navajo Nation by Hollywood Moonbats and Social Justice Warriors during the Animas rivet spill caused by the EPA.

Via Daily Mail:

Director Michael Moore was at the front lines of a rally he held in his hometown of Flint, Michigan, where he claimed the government neglected the city’s complaints of a contaminated water supply until it turned into a crisis.

Moore claimed Gov. Rick Snyder knew that ‘toxins, pollutants and, eventually, lead’ was leaching into the water after the city switched sources – exposing thousands of vulnerable children.

About 200 residents joined the protest, some chanting ‘Syder’s got to go, hey hey, ho ho, water is a human right’ and holding up signs with phrases like ‘Callous Rick made Flint sick’.

‘This is not a mistake,’ Moore said about the controversy that has devastated the financially-strapped city. ‘Ten people here have been killed because of a political decision.’

‘They did this. They knew.’

Flint was under control of a state-appointed emergency manager when it switched using tap water from Detroit’s system to the nearby Flint River in April 2014 to save money.[…]

‘Let’s all this what it is. It’s not just a water crisis. It’s a racial crisis. It’s a poverty crisis. That’s what created this.’

Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson plans to speak on the water crisis during a rally in the city on Sunday afternoon.

Jackson criticized Michigan officials in an opinion piece he wrote last week, claiming they poisoned the poor in impoverished Flint in order to save money.

Environmental advocate Erin Brokovich, who was portrayed in an Academy Award-winning film by Julia Roberts, also spoke out against the crisis.

In a Facebook post Brokovich wrote that it was likely the city’s spike in Legionnaires’ disease was directly related to the contaminated water.

Brokovich has also written a number of posts demanding the US Environmental Protection Agency join the investigation into the water crisis.

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