She was too busy to respond when it was going on, so why should she bother to watch it now? After all, it’s just about the bravery and heroism of the people she left behind.

Via Allen B. West:

Michael Bay’s “13 Hours,” which tells the story of the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, hit theaters last Thursday. Having had the chance to see the film I’d recommend it to everyone.

Hillary Clinton isn’t mentioned by name in the film, though David Costabile’s character seems to embody elements of her.

Hillary has remained silent about the film, probably because she realizes drawing as little attention as possible to herself and Benghazi is her best bet. That was until she was asked on CNN if she’d seen the film. Watch the clip with her infuriating reply below:

You heard that right: she’s just too busy campaigning to see it.

As Jay Caruso at Red State pointed out:

Here is the other thing to keep in mind. She is “too busy” to see this movie but she has more than enough time for:

Appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show
Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show
Appearing on Lifetime to be interviewed by You Tube “stars”
But she doesn’t have time to see a movie? How convenient.