Of course they’re not embarrassed by the pics, they have no problem with our military being humbled. What else are they hiding?

Via Free Beacon:

White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked by Fox News’ Doug McKelway at Friday’s press briefing whether the White House was embarrassed by the pictures that came out of Iran of the 10 U.S. sailors on their knees with their hands behind their heads.

Earnest said that the White House was not and that the primary concern was that the sailors were unharmed.

“I don’t think that there is any reason for anybody to be embarrassed. I think there is reason for us to be certainly relieved that our service men and women who are protecting America in a very dangerous part of the world were released pretty shortly after they were taken into custody,” Earnest said.

Earnest said that the series of events that led those 10 sailors to drift into Iranian waters and to be taken into custody was under investigation with the Department of Defense. The sailors are being interviewed by senior officials to be able to piece together the events that transpired.

McKelway said a senior Pentagon official told him that the Obama administration is blocking the facts from getting out.

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