Sanders has seven grandchildren, 3 of whom are adopted. Hillary has one. What kind of person attacks someone’s grandkids?

Via Paste:

Whoa! My first reaction, hearing that, was “this can’t be what she meant…nobody can be that clueless.” But let’s look at the actual evidence:

1. She was just contrasting herself with Bernie Sanders. As in, basically in the same sentence. She also gave a little dismissive laugh in the middle of the sentence, so it sounds like she’s denigrating somebody.

2. Bernie Sanders regularly uses the word “extraordinary” to describe his grandchildren in stump speeches.

3. Who the hell else could Clinton have been talking about? Was she directing a weird insult at someone else who claims they have extraordinary grandchildren? The whole thing doesn’t make sense.

There may be an innocent explanation, but the phrasing of her statement is clearly intended as a contrast to somebody, and when you consider both the context of the her entire answer, and the fact that the word “extraordinary” seems to have been purposefully used, it’s hard not to reach a simple conclusion—this was a reference to Bernie Sanders. (And we’re not the only ones reaching that conclusion.) If that’s the case, it’s an almost unbelievable misstep by a politician who should know a lot better.