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Via Daily Mail:

Police are battling with masked jihadi gunmen near a four-star business hotel in Burkina Faso’s capital tonight, amid an ongoing hostage situation.

Two car bombs exploded outside the Splendid Hotel in Ouagadougou’s business district before several gunmen stormed the hotel.

Security forces arrived as the men fired in the air to disperse the gathering crowd and soon engaged in a fierce gunfight with the suspected jihadis as cars burned around them.

A senior official with the national gendarmes said suspected Islamist fighters had taken an unknown number of hostages.

‘It is continuing at this time. We are trying to know how many attackers they are to better coordinate our actions. Hostages have been taken. The operation could take several hours,’ the officer said asking not to be named.

Eyewitnesses said two car bombs exploded at approximately 7.30pm local time before three or four masked men stormed the hotel.

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Al Qaeda claims responsibility.

Via NY Times:
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No word yet on the safety of the hostages.