Philly Mayor

His Honor doesn’t have one month in office and is already losing it. That little pledge to at the local mosque not to ‘insult’ Islam may have something to do with it…

Via Philly Com:

Clip, clop. Clip, clop.

That’s the sound of Mayor Kenney walking back his early comments about the nature of the wannabe assassin of Officer Jesse Hartnett.

Even though confessed shooter Edward Archer said he was a Muslim who acted in the name of Islam and pledged allegiance to ISIS, Kenney insisted it was a “criminal” act, not terror, and it had “nothing” to do with Islam.

At a Thursday news conference at the Roundhouse with Sen. Robert Casey and Police Commissioner Rich Ross, Kenney was forced to retreat.

Earlier, Pennsylvania’s other senator, Pat Toomey, used “terror” to describe the attack.

After blaming the media – not the mainstream media, but unnamed websites – plus Rush Limbaugh and Sen. Marco Rubio for blowing it all up, Kenney said his intent was to say the 200,000 lawful Muslims of Philadelphia should not be held responsible.

That is what he should have said.

Instead, he stated the shooting was criminal, not terror. Now, with the FBI investigating it as a possible terror attack, he says “we should wait and see” what the FBI and police discover.

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