Here, you like them, you can have them!

Via DW.com:

A group of 51 asylum seekers housed in the Bavarian district of Landshut were being sent to Berlin to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the district office said on Thursday.

The migrants volunteering for the trip were recognized refugees, which meant they could live anywhere in Germany, Landhut’s chief administrator Peter Dreier said. Neither the authorities in Landshut nor the refugees were paying for the trip, which was being paid by private sponsors in and around the area.

Landshut has 66 decentralized shelters – including private homes and hotels – for accommodating migrants. Authorities have al
so organized one emergency hall and several smaller homes for underage asylum seekers.

The refugees being taken to Berlin were living in state shelters because they would otherwise be homeless in Landshut, where renting out a flat is very expensive, the district office said in a statement.

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