She’s as big of a liar as her mom is.

Via Huffington Post:

The Clinton campaign’s assault on Bernie Sanders over health care got more intense on Tuesday.

This time it wasn’t presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or one of her aides delivering the attack lines. It was her daughter, Chelsea, who argued that Sanders would dismantle Medicare and Medicaid — and “strip millions and millions and millions of people of their health insurance.”

Like so many statements the Clinton campaign has made about Sanders position on health care, Chelsea’s contained some true statements — and some wildly misleading implications.

For the last few weeks, Clinton has been attacking Sanders over his longtime advocacy for single-payer health care. That’s a system in which everybody, or almost everybody, gets insurance directly from a government-run program.

Countries like Taiwan, Sweden and Canada have single-payer. The U.S. has a version of it in Medicare, which serves the elderly and disabled. Many progressives have long dreamed of extending it to everybody else. Some even call it “Medicare for all.”

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